Louie’s Dream
Eli Yamin & Evan Christopher
(Yamin Music, LLC; 2013)
  1. Louie's Dream
  2. The Mooche
  3. You Gotta Treat It Gentle
  4. It's the Way That You Talk
  5. Don't Go Back on Your Raisin'
  6. What's Your Story Morning Glory
  7. Azalea
  8. My Jazz Hero, a poem by Eli Yamin
  9. Baraka 75
  10. Let His Love Take Me Higher
  11. Impromptu
  12. Dancers In Love
  13. Louie's Dream Reprise


Eli Yamin – piano
Evan Christopher – Clarinet


Recorded November 7,2012 at Oktaven Studios in Yonkers, NY
Recorded and mixed by Ryan Streber

Mastered by Alan Silverman, ARF! Mastering
Produced by Eli Yamin and Evan Christopher

Cover Painting Adrianna Fabrega

Cover layout and photo by Lana Neudorfer
Layout by Scott Johnson

Executive Producer, The Jazz Drama Program and Yamin Music LLC
All Yamin and Yamin/Carlson songs published by Yamin Music BMI.
All Christopher songs by Clarinet Road Publishing BMI.
Eli Yamin is a Steinway Artist.

Thanks to all our jazz heroes past and present. Also thanks to Rhea Gill of Arts are Basic in Nebraska for asking us to put together a program of our heroes and to Judi Holifield and the Mississippi Arts Commission for presenting the duo several times and supporting its growth. Thank-you to Adrianna Fabrega for the use of her magnificent painting for the cover. The painting was originally inspired by Rwandan Child, a composition by Eli Yamin. It perfectly represents Louieā€™s Dream, and the idea that paying attention to the wisdom of children helps us know and support the unity of all humanity.

The Jazz Drama Program is a New York based 501c3 non-profit organization that uplifts teachers, students and their communities with interactive experiences in the jazz arts-storytelling, music, theatre, dance and visual arts.