Nora’s Ark – The Jazz Musical
By Eli Yamin And Clifford Carlson
(The Jazz Drama Program; 2010)
  1. The Laboratory
  2. It's Gonna Rain
  3. The Storm
  4. Turtle Trot
  5. Cheetah Trot
  6. Stampede, The Chase
  7. Oath of Honor
  8. Blues Interlude
  9. There's Blue All Around Me - Predator
  10. Blues Segue Into Sunrise
  11. Blue All Around Me - Prey
  12. Segue to Born Free
  13. Bunny Entrance
  14. Swinging On The Family Tree
  15. Cheetah Overboard, Turtles Overboard
  16. I See Blue


Eli Yamin – piano
Mark McGowan – trumpet
Chris Byars – tenor saxophone/flute
Pat 'O Leary – bass
Stefan Schatz – drums

Featuring the Brooklyn Youth Chorus Jazz Singers with Sofia D’Alessandro, Ariella De Los Santos, Daniel Epelbaum, Talia Fuchs, Raquel Klein, Anna Lentz, Isaac Lertola, Alice Markham-Cantor, Solomon McDougall, Jake Montagnino, Emma Orme, Nadege Philogene, Roselise Russo, Christina Santa Maria and Bolivia Williams.

The Story… Nora, a scientist, predicts the melting of the poles and the flooding of the Earth. Rescuing the animals at the Bronx Zoo, Nora and her daughters, Dora, Flora, Lora and Fitzi rent a cruise ship. It seems all are saved, except that daughter Fitzi forgets to bring food. Predators look on their fellow passengers as prey. All animals discover that freedom is a greater sustaining force than food and all ultimately cooperate in finding an edible solution.