Bob Stewart passing the torch to Chanell Crichlow


Bob Stewart passing the torch to Chanell Crichlow

Bob Stewart and Chanell Crichlow at YOHO, Yonkers, NY

Bob Stewart, modern tuba pioneer, has played with the Eli Yamin Blues Band since it first started in 2002.  Here he is coaching Chanell Crichlow, who will be touring with the group for the first time on the Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad.  Welcome Chanell.  We love you madly Bob! 


Bob Stewart and Chanell Crichlow

Bob Stewart and Chanell Crichlow

4 responses to “Bob Stewart passing the torch to Chanell Crichlow”

  1. Bianca says:

    hello great band,
    you are a really great band please believe me.
    I am Bianca from Brasov and I did hear you last night on Reduta scene. you are amazing and I had a great time listen to you. I wish you came back in Brasov soon and hear you again.
    I visit the blog and is very interesting but I wish you put more music here because I really would like to enjoy reading about you and your activity and listen to your music in the same time.
    many tks for including our town in your tour.
    hope see you soon and healing our souls again
    love, hugs and kisses from Brasov

  2. Ariana says:

    Love the blog E. What a great way to keep us in the loop. Welcome Chanell!
    Much love,

  3. I think perhaps my elbow in the back right of photo 2 deserves a photo credit…but all that aside, the B & C moment was not lost on me either.

    Beautiful Blog Eli!

    for every rhytrhm*


  4. Lois Gilbert says:

    How cool. Not only to see the passing of the torch but to see a new tuba player on the scene. Welcome Chanell

    Lois Gilbert

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