Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, Workshops

The next couple of days I gave four workshops at the festival.  One on the blues,”The Blues is the Roots, Everything Else is the Fruits.”  We stomp/clapped, delved into the cultural and emotional roots of the blues, sang “Wade in the Water and the “What Gives You the Blues Blues.”  Once we got on instruments, […]

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, Jazz in the Schools

I just flew back from the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, Idaho.  What a magnificent experience! Over eight thousand music students, phenomenal volunteer and business community support, incredible artists and teachers.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  On Monday I formed a pick up band with 5 music students and alums from the University […]

Ask Eli’s friend, pianist and teacher John Kamitsuka…

When I was a teenager and even before, I sought out great teachers and great teaching.  I always had an internal meter reading when someone was conscientiously engaging learning, and when they were shucking and jiving.  I put it this way because I think learning is a state of mind.  You need a particular environment […]