Celebrate Dave Brubeck at 100 with Eli online

Years ago I had the good fortune to correspond with Dave Brubeck. He wrote to me with very encouraging words for my work in education. It meant a lot to me and still does. In 2014, producer Seton Hawkins of Jazz at Lincoln Center asked me to create a series of fun and informative performance/education […]

Lord, Please Protect Black Men by Eli Yamin

Lord, please protect black men   Who have carried our cross in America for too long   Who watch birds   Who design and build bridges   Who invent    Who teach   Who raise children   Who write music   Who play the saxophone, trumpet, piano, drums, tuba, bass, and violin.   Lord, please […]

Eli Yamin gives online lessons from Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Jazz Academy

  Eli Yamin celebrates Dave Brubeck on Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Jazz Academy In mid-december, producer Seton Hawkins from Jazz at Lincoln Center asked me if I wanted to film some lessons on Dave Brubeck’s classic quartet–Paul Desmond, Eugene Wright and Joe Morello.  He said to think about a band who could talk about these […]

Ask Eli’s friend, pianist and teacher John Kamitsuka…

When I was a teenager and even before, I sought out great teachers and great teaching.  I always had an internal meter reading when someone was conscientiously engaging learning, and when they were shucking and jiving.  I put it this way because I think learning is a state of mind.  You need a particular environment […]

Happy Birthday to Pete Seeger at 90

Pete Seeger turned 90 last night and I was fortunate to be there for the celebration at Madison Square Garden in New York City with my wife Lorraine and daughter Manika.  It was a historic event.  President Obama sent a letter congratulating Pete for his tremendous contribution inspiring people to work for change, justice and […]