Jazz, It’s My Music…Let’s Play!


Eli and Manika at Yoho Open Studio, Yonkers, New York (photo by George M. Gutierrez)

Eli and Manika at Yoho Open Studio, Yonkers, New York (photo by George M. Gutierrez)

Greetings friends.  Welcome to my new blog.  I’m so glad to have this space to share my travels and insights with you.  I’ll do my best to be brief and share things I think you will find meaningful.  I live by the words above and I do all I can to share this feeling with the world!  Again, welcome.  I look forward to hearing from you….Eli

6 responses to “Jazz, It’s My Music…Let’s Play!”

  1. Lorraine Yamin says:

    Hi Eli,

    I just got a chance to see the blog. It’s a wonderful documentation of your travels and it’s nice to read the enthusiastic responses from the people who have seen the concerts.

    The Wife

  2. Emese says:


    Today is my birthday and last evening you gave me the best present ever! I loved your concert in Oradea. It’s great to involve this way the audience in the concert and to create together healing vibrations. Thank you! The music was wonderful and your performance just great.
    Hope to see, hear and sing with you again.
    I’d like to encourage the American Cultural Center to organize other cultural events in this part of the country, to encourage the “discentralisation” of culture.

  3. George says:

    Hi i’m george. Thx for the wonderfull experience that you gave me in oradea and i promise that i will write and send you the poem

  4. Monica says:

    i’m monica from baia mare and i want to tell you again, for a million times,
    how great You were last night at the Gold time club!!!
    i must tell you that this morning i woke up
    and i was singing the healing song 🙂
    You have something really MAGIC!

  5. Bianca says:

    hello … again,
    I did write you earlier but as a response to another category of you blog …it was because I am really rush to leave you my impression.
    you are amazing and yes I will repeat myself but I am really glad that I have seeing you last night on Reduta scene.
    tks you for making magic on the scene and among us. I will remember last night long time from now because you make me smile and have a really great time. you heal my soul even if it was for just one night. I thing of you and I smile.
    I hope that you will heal many souls anywere you go.
    come back soon in Brasov
    you make magic with your songs in our minds and souls

  6. mov says:

    Hello Eli and welcome to Romania !

    My name is Vlad and I was in the audience today at Reduta (Brasov, Romania) when you and your band made magic with your music !!! I adore your music !!! I am proud to see that there are people who appreciate the old music (oldie but goldie) … I hope that I will see you guys again !!!

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