Blues Band in Brasov, Romania

dscn1892The Blues Band arrived in Romania on Wednesday.  After spending a relaxing evening in Bucharest, we traveled on the Blues Bus to Brasov, an ancient Romanian town in the country.  The concert was a hoot-the second set more packed then the first.  I guess people went and called/texted their friends.dscn1871dscn1870dscn1863This beautiful country town was a perfect for stop for the blues.  Thank-you to Jeny who organized the concert locally and all the great people of Brasov for giving us such a warm welcome!  Photos by Genu Ariseanu.  Thanks Genu!elis-hatlafrae-smiles1katesmileschanell-smileseverybody

3 responses to “Blues Band in Brasov, Romania”

  1. Monica says:

    You guis are GREAT!!!
    there are no words to explain the feeling…

  2. George says:

    Hello Eli, I have to ask you if I can put some videos with the band…on my page of youtube…is okey with you guis?…’cause I know is not my right to put those videos without ask you…so?

  3. George says:

    Hey Eli, you are a wonderfull group team, and a great singers and players…and I told you so many times…you guys are amazing!!!…you really are, and “I feel so glad” that you came here, in Romania, and teach us so many things…At the workshop it was a excellent time but on the concert…it was something absolutely fantastic!!…thanks again for you’re visit and for you’re concert, and God bless you all…(I’m excited right now…and I don’t think I’m gonna sleep this night)…but I have to congratulate all…and I know that I weel see you again sometimes…or in Romania, or in America cause like Kate says…i’m gonna go in America…because God will open all the dors for me…and I’m gonna succed! email me and take a look on this web :
    is my youtube site… and my email adress is

    keep in touch!! hugs!

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