Blues Band in Elbasan, Albania

Eli teaching the words to Healing Song at workshop

Eli teaching the words to Healing Song at workshop

Our first stop in Albania was the High School for Music and Art in Elbasan.  The students were super enthusiastic and supremely soulful.  Here they learned the words to Healing Song:  “It’s not just a song for me.  Take a breath…and you will see.  Why the blues has the power to be.  A healing song.  A healing song…”

Later, the students sang a couple of Albanian folk songs for us.  We were completely moved by the pride and joy expressed in their songs. My heart was smiling shoulder to shoulder as I experienced their singing and playing.  I was not just listening.  I was completely washed by their song.

That night many students joined us at our concert and sang and danced with us.  We also celebrated the induction of a new class of Peace Corps volunteers beginning their 2-year assignments in Albania.  Best of luck to all the volunteers and to all you wonderful students.  May the music continue to flow freely from your hearts into the world you live in.  You make the future of Albania look incredibly bright!




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