2013 Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival

The newspapers wrote, “Jammin’ with Yamin,” and you know, it really was.  It’s my dream and mission for jazz education to feel like the real thing–as creative, adventurous and rapturous as performing it and that’s what’s happening at The Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival. I’m so grateful for this wonderful festival that provides the opportunity […]

Great week at Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival

                          What a magnificent week at the 45th Annual Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival.  It’s an amazing gathering of fans, musicians, students, volunteers and staff creating a soulful jazz village in the sparsely populated and somewhat remote region of northern Idaho.  Joy permeates […]

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, Jazz in the Schools

I just flew back from the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, Idaho.  What a magnificent experience! Over eight thousand music students, phenomenal volunteer and business community support, incredible artists and teachers.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  On Monday I formed a pick up band with 5 music students and alums from the University […]