American Bi-National Center

Teacher-Marivaldo, LaFrae Sci, Jorge Martins-director of Corpos Percussivos and students

Last night was an amazing experience.  We performed for students, diplomats and friends of the American Bi-National Center in Recife.  This is a place that teaches classes in English.  Of course, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to invite the Maracatou kids from Corpos Percussivos.  We were so knocked out to perform two songs with them in the concert: Billie’s Bounce by Charlie Parker and the traditional John Henry.  John Henry was through the roof.  I don’t think we’ll ever again to perform that song without the power of the Maracatou!

Drums of Maracatou

Eli Yamin Blues Band performs with Maracatou from Corpos Percussivos

Eli Yamin performs at ABA, Recife

Student from Corpos Percussivos

Student practicing with gift from drummer LaFrae Sci

Eli Yamin Blues Band and Corpos Percussivos at ABA, Recife

2 responses to “American Bi-National Center”

  1. Tainá says:

    This show was amazing!
    Thank you all!!

  2. Erika says:

    Love it! Looking like a great tour so far!! Enjoy

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