Curico, Chile

Bob Stewart in Curico

Curico was also hit hard by the Earthquake.  We can only imagine how unsettling this is to the residents here.

Cracked wall in Curio

Crumbled roof in Curico

Church in Curico

After taking this all in we arrived at the Library where our concert was to take place.  Next door to the library was a building full of music…

Fundacion de Orquestas Juveniles, Curico, Chile

We were surprised to find students in the First Lady of Chile’s Program, Fundacion de Orquestas Juvenile.  Modeled after El Sistema in Venezuela, young people all over the county are studying strings.  We were especially touched when the students came by our soundcheck to play us a couple of songs including a soul stirring Chilean folk song.  Here’s a clip of these amazing young people.  The importance of their music making in the wake of the earthquake couldn’t be more clear…

YouTube Preview Image

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