Farewell Brazil

Brazil is soul mix.  Mix of sound, culture, rhythms, melodies, messages, demands, divides, reunites.  The inner smile of Brazilian music and outer smile of Brazilan people moves me, makes me remember what’s good.  Thank-you Brazil.  I want to see you again.  Again and again.  Yours in song, Eli.

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HEALING SONG, from the jazz musical, Message From Saturn

by Eli Yamin and Clifford Carlson

Portuguese translation by Edvaldo Amorim

“It’s not just a song for me
Take a breath and you will see
Why the blues has the power to be
A healing song, a healing song.”

“Não é só uma canção prá mim
Respire e você vai ver
Porque o Blues tem o poder de ser
Uma canção… que nos cura.”

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