Iquique, Chile

Municipal Theatre, Hemicicio Plaza, Central Square, Iquique, Chile

After our show in Curico, we headed North to Iquique, Chile.  Our concert was on the in front of the Municipal Theatre in Hemicicio Plaza, Central Square.  It was organized by the great jazz and blues enthusiast, Alvaro Gomez.

Eli Yamin and Alvaro Gomez

We met many eager young musicians after the show and of course, invited them to an impromptu workshop/jam session at the hotel.

Eli Yamin and youngsters in Iquique, Chile

LaFrae and young drummer in Iquique, Chile

LaFrae with young drummer at soundcheck in Iquique, Chile

Bob Stewart at soundcheck in Iqiuque, Chile

Eli Yamin, LaFrae Sci schoolin' some youngsters on the blues after the show in Iquique, Chile

LaFrae Sci, Eli Yamin, Kate McGarry and young musicians in Iquique, Chile

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