Manaus, Brazil

Eli Yamin Blues Band Press Conference in Manaus, Brazil

We arrived in Manaus to a press conference in the airport and what do you know, these reporters were prepared with good questions.  I’ll scan the articles when I can.  Thing is, you’ll need to read Portuguese to understand them.  We love the headline, “O JAZZ COMO PODER DE CURA.” “Jazz is able to be a cure.”

We played 2 concerts and gave 2 workshops at the ICBEU center.  We also took a boat trip into the Amazon.  What an extraordinary place!

Eli Yamin Blues Band in the Amazon

King of Amazon

We made new friends at ICBEU including Tiago and Paoula, who I invited along with a guitarist to help us teach the audience “Freight Train” by Elizabeth Cotten.  This is the song that got in my bones when I was a child, and never left.  It’s why I’m here today.  Hats off to Elizabeth Cotten.  You have literally taken me around the world!

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Eli Yamin Blues Band at ICBEU in Manaus with Tiago and Paula

Eli Yamin and friends teach the audience "Freight Train" in Manaus, Brazil

As the concert picked up the pace, we were so knocked when our friend “Hoochie” and others started dancing…

Audience dancing in Manaus

Eli Yamin Blues Band in Manaus, Brazil

We could not have wished for a better send off from Brazil.  We sure will miss this place.  Many thanks to everyone who supported our workshops, concerts and traveling including Mercia Preto, Cultural Coordinator at ICBEU, Manaus, Conradu Blasi, Cultural Affairs Assistant and Tara Rougle, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy, Brasilia.

Eli Yamin and Mercia Preto, Cultural Coordinator ICBEU, Manaus, Brazil

Eli Yamin Blues Band with Tara Rougle, U.S. Embassy

2 responses to “Manaus, Brazil”

  1. Hello! Just two days you went away and we already feel homesick! The next day I made birthday .. your music was the best present I got! thank you. I hope you return soon!
    Amanda from Manaus, Amazonas!

  2. Paula Torres says:

    Eli, Thank You So Very Much For Coming! It will be always a pleasure to contribute to mutual understanding, specially when using the Healing Song. Freight train, Freight train Run so Fast… While you were telling the audience how catching that song was for you I was taking a step back to the lesson at the end of the workshop: I was singing to a child. When I started working on the media I just wanted to know how to stress the right words _ Day after day I learn more about real acting. On the workshop you all convinced me to devote my whole body to sing. It was also incredibly emotional to watch the Band performing in perfect harmony, even when improvising. Thanks for kindly give us the chance to perform with you! I was equally taken by the Freight Train. Warmest Regards From The Amazon. Paula

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