Santiago, Chile

Eli Yamin catches the spirit. Photo by Melissa Morano

Why do I LOVE the blues so much?

It’s the universal language of the heart. It brings people together and makes them happy. It’s full of passion, spirit, harmony, melody and rhythm.  So much RHYTHM!

We spent the final week of the tour giving workshops and concerts in Santiago and around Santiago.  What a gas it was connecting with all the jazz and blues people.  Here are a handful of our new friends.  Te quiero con locura!

Eli Yamin gives workshop at Pro Jazz, Santiago, Chile

Eli Yamin Blues Band Workshop becomes a Hootenany!

Bob Stewart sheds light on the blues at workshop at Pro Jazz, Santiago, Chile

Kate McGarry goes for deep soul at Pro Jazz, Santiago, Chile

LaFrae Sci activates the shuffle at Pro Jazz, Santiago, Chile

Eli Yamin with George Abuhele Bus, Director of Pro Jazz, Santiago, Chile

We had an equally ecstatic time at our workshop and concert at Universidad Mayor in Santiago, Chile.  These young people are so receptive for blues rhythm.  There was so much joy in the room.  Check it out…

YouTube Preview Image

South America's leading jazz and blues aficionado, Jose "Pepe" Hosiasson in his Attic Jazz Laboratory

My new friend from Santiago, 79-year old pianist Giovanni Cultrera, told me, “jazz is the most important contribution to world culture.”  When I asked him why, he replied, “because it’s universal expression.  It comes from the mental pain of the slaves.  Everyone one experiences mental pain sometimes and jazz provides the release.”

Giovanni Cultrera jamming in his home with Eli Yamin, Santiago, Chile

Bob Stewart, Kate McGarry, LaFrae Sci, U.S. Ambassador to Chile Paul Simons and his wife-Victoria Cardenas Simons, Eli Yamin

This band was a dream to be on the Rhythm Road with.  Such high artists.  Teachers, Players.  Always embodying the full spirit of the music.  The month was manna from Heaven.  Thank-you Bob Stewart, Kate McGarry and LaFrae Sci.  May our musical offering resound through the spheres and bring happiness and understanding in it’s path.  May our friendships create lasting growth and support throughout the years to come.  I love you madly!

Eli Yamin Blues Band in Chile-Bob Stewart, LaFrae Sci, Eli Yamin, Kate McGarry

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