Guatemala Jazz Festival 2015 – Ambassador’s Residence

Back to Guatemala City now for a reception at the residence of U.S. Ambassador Todd Robinson.  We could not ask for a more welcoming host.  Ambassador Robinson hails from Newark, NJ, a jazz town once and forever.  He truly believes in the power of jazz to uplift and unite everyone.  He is also an idealist who inspires us with his affirmation that we all can contribute to a world of greater equity and justice.  I’m proud to know him and will continue to do all I can to live up to his example of representing the best of what the United States is all about…

Eli Yamin Quartet with U.S. Ambassador Todd Robinson

Eli Yamin Quartet with U.S. Ambassador Todd Robinson


Ambassador Robinson and guests express their enthusiasm and support for JAZZ!

Eli Yamin Quartet and IMOX

Eli Yamin Quartet with IMOX Jazz, a local professional group and Ambassador Todd Robinson

Eli Yamin Quartet at Ambassador’s Residence


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  1. Quite awesome t have a jazz festival in the house of the ambassador

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