Guatemala Jazz Festival 2015 – Final Day

The last day of the tour was my favorite because we visited and gave a workshop at La Alianza, a shelter for girls who are victims of trafficking and sexual violence.  The place is run exceptionally well by a staff of extremely devoted and expert women who give these girls the support and shelter they need.  There is a a music program at the shelter run by Steban, who is doing a great job motivating everyone to SING!  We had no problem teaching everyone “Freight Train” and before long LaFrae had about half the 45 girls on their feet doing a line dance while Evan, Paul and I played the blues.  Other girls, many who had babies on their lap, took to the kazoo and joined in instrumentally.  The whole place vibrated with MUSIC.  We must go back.

In the afternoon, we played for 500 high school kids on the outskirts of the city at Santa Catarina Pinula.  LaFrae and I had played their in 2011 with the blues band and recognized the head of the music school, Estuardo Lopez, who gave us a warm “hola.”  The students in the audience brought the energy up to the level of a rock concert and we stayed for an hour afterwards signing Cd’s, t-shirts, notebooks, whatever their was to sign.  I know there will be lots more swinging after we have moved on through.  And, I certainly hope to be back one day….for Hasta Luego Guatemala!!!  Muchas gracias!!!


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