My first professional jazz job at WBGO/Jazz 88.

Eli Yamin (WBGO Staff Photo by Enid Farber 1990)

Enid Farber took this photo when I was 21 and working my first professional jazz job at WBGO Jazz 88.3. I was a Board Operator, sub DJ and producer of Jazz From the Archives hosted by the staff of the Rutgers University Institute of Jazz Studies and Portraits in Blue with Bob Porter. l was incredibly fortunate to learn from mentors Dorthaan Kirk, Wylie Rollins, James Browne, Michael D. Anderson, Rhonda Hamilton Carvin, Becca Pulliam, Gary Walker, Chico Mendoza, Larry D’Albero, Duke Markos, Alfredo Cruz, Paul Fowlie, Jim Anderson, Loren Schoenberg, Dan Morgenstern, Vincent Pelote, Ed Berger, Bob Porter, and the many artists who came through. Working at WBGO was an essential part of my journey to make a career in the arts and I do my best to pass along what I’ve learned to the next generation through Jazz Power Initiative. In addition, I wrote a blog for parents of children who set out for careers in the arts. Even in hard times like these, I say to parents of young people who strike out on this path. “It’s okay, it’s okay. This world needs the beauty, creativity, unity and strength your son/daughter offers, now more than ever. Just help them be prepared to be flexible, pay some dues, and listen carefully. In this way they will know how best to be of service to the community and keep working.”

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