Dr. E Digs Deep – blues roots bring sweet fruits

This new project draws on the blues songs that have sustained me through the pandemic. I’ve been playing and singing the blues everyday and I can’t wait to play and sing for you. We’ll do songs by Willie Dixon who famously said, “The blues is the roots, everything else is the fruits.” Elizabeth Cotten whose music literally installed the blues in my bones when I heard it as a child, Mahalia Jackson, whose majesty continues to inspire, Elvis Presley, one of my early heroes and then songs by yours truly, carrying the tradition to today. I hope you can join us at one of these shows with my dear band mates: Zaid Nasser, the most soulful alto saxophone you’ll ever hear, Elias Bailey, bass with a beat that can’t be beat, and David F. Gibson, powerhouse of swing and shuffle and vital life force of percussion. We’ll have special guests too at both shows Alianza in Washington Heights and National Jazz Museum in Harlem.

Dr. E Digs Deep

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